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Deep Dive: Had enough of ‘OK, boomer’? Not if you want to make money with these stocks

A large demographic shift in the U.S. points to this sector as a long-term winner for investors. Source link

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FA Center: The hard truth about these new ETFs is all-too-easy to see

Non-transparent exchange-traded funds currently bring more problems than solutions, writes Mark Hulbert. Source link

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Explainomics: How to invest in real estate without buying a house

There are lots of ways to invest in real estate without ever purchasing a house or apartment. Source link

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Deep Dive: Adventurous investors can take a rocket ride with this new space ETF

The Procure Space ETF is the first exchange-traded fund focused on space-related activities. Source link

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ETF Focus: Fixed-income investors are ready for factor funds, survey says

Factor investing has mostly been applied to stocks, but there are reasons to also consider employing it for fixed-income portfolios, and lots of interest from institutional investors. Source link

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The Tell: Go on, cut your fees, BlackRock tells brokers: more ETF business for us

As online brokers slash their fees, more investors are finding their way to exchange-traded funds, and for more reasons, executives of the ETF market share leader told analysts Source link

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Sustainable Investing: For ESG investors, the newest challenge is separating fact from ‘greenwashing’

When companies boast about their environmental bona fides, is it just marketing buzzwords? Source link

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Deep Dive: This ETF can protect you from S&P 500 volatility and enhance your long-term returns

The portfolio rules followed by the Trendpilot US Large Cap ETF would have led to market-beating returns over the past two boom-and-bust cycles. Source link

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This broad-based ETF is outperforming the S&P 500 while guarding against declines

The iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol USA exchange traded fund has held up well during stock market weakness. Source link

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Deep Dive: Worried about the stock market? Here are easy ways to cut risk

Growth has outperformed value for a decade, but the next blowup may change that. Source link

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