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The Last of Us Online creator Naughty Dog has canceled the game.

The Last of Us Online creator Naughty Dog has canceled the game.


The Last of Us-based multiplayer game has been formally canceled.


The PlayStation 5 project has been shelved, as developer Naughty Dog announced on Thursday. Reports of delays surfaced earlier this year.


The “extremely difficult decision,” according to the statement, was made because game maintenance would affect other initiatives.


“Continue to focus on single-player narrative games that have defined Naughty Dog’s heritage,” the firm declared in a statement.


With the Uncharted and The Last of Us series, Sony-owned Naughty Dog has created some of the most highly regarded PlayStation games.

Even though both games have multiplayer options, Last of Us Online was advertised as a live-service title.

These online games may be able to hold players’ attention for months or even years because they release new content and updates on a regular basis.


But maintaining them would have been very labor-intensive, and Naughty Dog stated that if The Last of Us Online had gone on, it would have meant turning into “a solely live service games studio.”

Rather, it declared that it would prefer to focus on “more than one ambitious, brand-new single-player game” that is presently under production.


For the first time, the Bafta Games Awards have a lengthy list.

“Everyone wins when everyone is able to play.”

Could we all become zombies due to a fungus pandemic?



The action comes after Sony recently declared that it would be reducing the number of live-service games it would be making.


It stated in February 2022 that it intended to issue 12 by March 2026, but it has since changed that to six.


Executives at Sony have continued to indicate that while they want to concentrate on large multiplayer games, quality comes first.

Next month, Naughty Dog is scheduled to release a remastered edition of The Last of Us: Part 2, in addition to the games it previously said it was working on.


In addition, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey’s TV version of the first game has received three Golden Globe nominations recently.





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